Given the recent announcement by the UK Government concerning cornavirus restrictions, if you are on the FluxaShop platform and would like us to place a message at the top of each of your website's pages please let us know by email what you would like to say.

If you are unable to continue fulfilling orders we can either remove the ability to add items to the basket and place a short explanation on relevant pages or we can disable the fulfilment methods you are unable to offer. Again, please let us know if you'd like to implement either of these options.

Take care everyone.

23 March 2020
24 May 2016

At the tail end of last year we shared our roadmap with you for the first quarter of 2016. Our first task was to improve integration with Ascend, supplier stock feeds and BikeCatalogue. Our initial work was positive with a considerable reduction in the time taken to match products from your Ascend feed. As we proceeded further with our enhancements it became apparent that the sheer flexibility of PinnacleApp would significantly increase the complexity of our solution which could, in turn, impede the overall quality. At this point, based on the feedback you had already shared with us from working with PinnacleApp, we started on a completely new foundation for our e-commerce solution, FluxaShop.

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