Going Distraction-Free with our Checkout

This Thursday, the 22nd October 2020, we will be releasing an update to our Checkout to make it distraction-free. We are always reviewing and optimising the platform and with this release we will be removing the header and footer elements designed to provide a gateway into your shop's inventory and will replace them with a clean and minimalist design which we hope will guide and focus customers through the checkout process rather than distract them.

The release will also bring some changes to the customer journey;

If you offer V12 Finance, there will now be two options at the basket. An option to Proceed to Checkout to facilitate paying by card or making a reservation, and, when applicable, a second option to Apply for Finance. When a customer clicks to apply they now view and select their preferred terms before proceeding to the checkout.

If your card payments are handled through Opayo, formally Sage Pay, due to changes in browser behaviour we will now redirect the customer to Opayo to take the payment (Opayo's Server Integration) rather than presenting the payment form in a modal window on your site (Opayo's Server Iframe Integration).

The release represents a major architectural change and consolidates our processes which will improve efficiency and provide a great foundation for some additional features we plan to launch in the coming weeks.

In addition to the customer-facing enhancements the release will also bring some improvements to our order management pages. We have given the summary that was recently applied to outgoing emails more precedence, added images and provided a status filter which should make managing orders a breeze. We have also improved the pagination which will result in quicker loading times. You don't need to be at your PC to manage orders; as before, you can easily manage your orders from your tablet or phone.

No action required as these improvements will be made available automatically but if you have any questions or concerns please do get in touch.