19 October 2020

This Thursday, the 22nd October 2020, we will be releasing an update to our Checkout to make it distraction-free. We are always reviewing and optimising the platform and with this release we will be removing the header and footer elements designed to provide a gateway into your shop's inventory and will replace them with a clean and minimalist design which we hope will guide and focus customers through the checkout process rather than distract them.

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We've generated a short one-line order summary and used it on the subject line of outgoing order emails to give customers more information and to ensure notifications aren't grouped into conversations in your inbox.


We've updated our Instagram integration to use feeds directly from Integration Hub.


In line with a change in Ascend imports, we've allowed for an empty date modified cell.

Given the recent announcement by the UK Government concerning cornavirus restrictions, if you are on the FluxaShop platform and would like us to place a message at the top of each of your website's pages please let us know by email what you would like to say.

If you are unable to continue fulfilling orders we can either remove the ability to add items to the basket and place a short explanation on relevant pages or we can disable the fulfilment methods you are unable to offer. Again, please let us know if you'd like to implement either of these options.

Take care everyone.

23 March 2020
4 December 2018

You will already be familiar with the flexibility our platform offers in a certain number of areas. For example, you are able to create a smart category for your sale products or use product schemes to show which cycle schemes you participate in on relevant products. With our new options, you can now apply this same concept to fulfilment methods, promotional codes and finance products, allowing you greater control over your product offering.

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12 February 2018

One of our key design goals for FluxaShop is transparency which is why we created job boards to handle updates from your EPOS system, synchronisation with BikeCatalogue and to process supplier stock updates. Jobs are organised into job sheets and our back end systems process each job and report on the changes each job makes to your catalogue.

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12 September 2016

It's a legal requirement under section 11 of the The Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002 to promptly acknowledge all orders placed on a website. FluxaShop complies with the law by sending an order acknowledgement email to the buyer once your payment provider confirms the payment was successfully taken, or, in the case of a reservation, once the buyer has submitted their contact details. The same email is also sent to the order notification email address(es) you have specified.

It is important to treat the notification as an acknowledgement, rather than the acceptance of the order. This allows scope to correct any pricing errors and allows you to refuse the order should a product no longer be available.

Acknowledgement email message

By default, the following message is included at the bottom of every order notification which reiterates the acknowledging nature of the email:

A binding agreement will come into being between us upon our fulfilment of the goods you have ordered. Due to the way in which the payment mechanism works, we may have debited your payment method when you placed your order. If we do not accept your order, we will promptly refund any payments taken.

If you'd like to know more please contact us.

24 May 2016

At the tail end of last year we shared our roadmap with you for the first quarter of 2016. Our first task was to improve integration with Ascend, supplier stock feeds and BikeCatalogue. Our initial work was positive with a considerable reduction in the time taken to match products from your Ascend feed. As we proceeded further with our enhancements it became apparent that the sheer flexibility of PinnacleApp would significantly increase the complexity of our solution which could, in turn, impede the overall quality. At this point, based on the feedback you had already shared with us from working with PinnacleApp, we started on a completely new foundation for our e-commerce solution, FluxaShop.

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